• The Jarrell ISD Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP) believes that all students can learn and that all inappropriate behavior can be modified to comply with the JISD Student Code of Conduct.

    While in the DAEP program, students must use their Chromebooks to continue following their grade level and classroom curriculum. DAEP will supply other materials. Students will work in Edgenuity to complete classroom work.

    The focus of DAEP is broken down into three categories.
    1) Understand that placement in the program is due to unacceptable behavior in a general classroom setting or campus.
    2) Investigate the possible reasons for this behavior
    3) Learn methods for avoiding these behaviors in the future. 

    The district provides counseling services to students at the DAEP. Jarrell ISD and Bluebonnet Services have collaborated to provide substance abuse counseling to students assigned to the DAEP.