Teaching & Learning

  • The mission of the Jarrell ISD Teaching and Learning department is to develop and maintain an aligned district curriculum, support teachers to provide student-centered instruction, create engaging learning environments, and incorporate research-based practices that lead to increased student learning outcomes.


    Foster the development of the knowledge, skills, leadership, and critical thinking that will prepare students for future success.


    • Create and maintain an aligned and rigorous curriculum that aligns state standards, instruction, and assessment.
    • Ensure equity of resources in the content areas for all students
    • Support the implementation of researched-based math and literacy programs at the elementary and middle schools.
    • Establish and support formative assessment practices that draw data from a variety of sources, and promote teacher collaboration to inform instruction
    • Promote learning experiences that support the development of 21st century skills
    • Provide ongoing, research-based professional learning to teachers to support increased learning outcomes for students.
    • Establish an instructional coaching program to help teachers develop and implement effective, research-based, student-centered strategies and instruction.
    • Create teacher leadership opportunities to support effective instructional practices and develop a culture of professional learning.