Community Relations

  • The Student Services and Community Relations Department is committed to elevating district pride through student support by strengthening partnerships with families, communities, and business communities by:

    • Providing additional resources and support to each campus
    • Empowering families to become strong advocates for their children
    • Increasing school staff capacity to connect, engage, and partner with families effectively
    • Creating opportunities for parent leaders to engage directly with the Superintendent to inform and validate district strategies
    • Developing more systems and opportunities for parents to be active partners at the campus level, including strong PTOs, Parent Ambassador Programs, and volunteer opportunities

    Jarrell ISD values the relationships built with our students, families, and community members. We believe that relationships between all stakeholders are essential in supporting a well-rounded education for all students. 

    Community partnerships extend students' opportunities for learning far beyond the school walls and the limits of the school day by creating connections between the school, local businesses, organizations, caregivers and families, faith-based institutions, and all education stakeholders. These partnerships also help to integrate other essential components of students' lived experiences into their learning process.

    Jarrell ISD is proud to partner with local agencies to meet students' needs. For more information about these collaborative efforts and the prospective clubs and/or organizations, please get in touch with Laura Buckley at or 512-746-2124 ext. 1006