• When we study fine arts, we learn to appreciate the world around us by examining literature, music, performance, design, and creative expression. Theatre allows us to explore humanity from the perspective of characters overcoming challenges. In our theatre program, we perform and produce everything from large-scale musicals to highly-competitive UILLittle Mermaid Production one-act plays to summer camps. JHS Theatre welcomes people of all abilities, backgrounds, and experience levels. Students are also given the opportunity to compete in the UIL Technical Design Competition for costume, set, hair and makeup, and marketing design. A well-rounded fine arts education provides students with opportunities to develop skills in creativity, leadership, and time management and participate in quality productions that encourage teamwork and community engagement. 

    Technical theatre students study theatre through the lens of creative design and construction. This project-based course focuses on creating sets, costumes, special effects, and props for JHS productions. Advanced students also learn how to operate our lighting and sound consoles and work as technicians for events held in the performing arts center.

    Theatre arts students gain a broad understanding of theatre by studying scripts, design, basic technical theatre, acting, and learning how to write and direct their original work. In addition, students are encouraged to join the after-school musical by auditioning early in the spring semester and attending after-school rehearsals. Students may also volunteer to work as technicians at various events.

    Production theatre students compete in the annual UIL One Act Play competition, held in the spring semester. Students combine knowledge of technical theatre and advanced acting skills to perfect their work and attend multiple workshops and clinics. Students are also encouraged to participate in theatre leadership roles while maintaining academic excellence with a commitment to community service and outside organizations. 

    For more information, contact Tara Granberry.