Homebound Services

Homebound Services

Criteria for Homebound Services: 
Any student who is served through the homebound program must meet the following three criteria:

  • The student is expected to be confined at home or hospital for a minimum of 4 weeks. The weeks need not be consecutive.
  • The student is confined at home or hospital for medical reasons only.
  • The student’s medical condition is documented by a physician licensed to practice in the United States.

The following documentation must be included in an ARD or §504 meeting:

  • Decision about eligibility for homebound services
  • The type(s) and amount of instruction to be provided to the student, including designated amount of time per week instruction will be provided
  • Documentation from a licensed physician stating that the student has a medical condition that requires the student to be confined at home or hospital for a minimum of 4 weeks

The District will most likely request a consent for a release of records to speak with the student’s physician in an effort to collaborate and coordinate services. Parents are highly encouraged to allow the school district to speak with outside service providers.

Types of Homebound Service:

Special Education (ARD)

Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) committee determines homebound eligibility, what courses will be continued, and what special education services will continue in the home setting. All decisions are documented in the Individualized Education Plan (IEP).


A §504 committee will determine homebound eligibility and determine what courses will be continued in the home setting. All decisions are documented in the §504 paperwork

§504  - General Education 

General education students who were not previously receiving §504 services but may qualify for homebound services, consent must be obtained from the parent/adult student to conduct an evaluation to determine eligibility for homebound services. If the student is found eligible for homebound services, a §504 meeting is held and the committee determines what courses will be continued in the home setting. All decisions are documented in the §504 paperwork and consent for placement in §504 must be received.

About Homebound Services

Number of Hours Per Week and Attendance: 
The homebound teacher must provide at least four (4) hours of instruction weekly to maintain 100% attendance for students. Attendance is necessary to meet state requirements for compulsory attendance, to obtain course credit and to advance from grade to grade.

Attendance will be awarded following the guidelines of the current year’s Student Attendance Accounting Handbook. Attendance is documented by the homebound teacher and sent to the campus attendance office.

Location of Services: 
Homebound services are typically delivered in the home or hospital setting because the student is confined to the home or hospital. On rare occasions due to the nature of the disability, the ARD committee or §504 Committee can agree to provide services at a mutually agreeable location that is decided upon by the teacher and student/family.

Documentation of services must be completed on a weekly basis. This documentation will include day and time of services, activities completed, notes, and any reasons for missed sessions.

Parent Responsibilities: 
A parent or guardian over the age of 21 must be present in the home at all times during instruction. School personnel are not allowed to be in the home alone with a student of any age for any amount of time. School staff are instructed to leave the premises if a responsible adult is not present. School staff are also instructed to leave the premises if they feel they are in danger due to a student or family member’s behavior.

A schedule will be created. Parents are responsible to see that the student is rested and available for instruction at the scheduled time. Parents should supervise the completion of assignments between visits and help students to be prepared. Should the student be too ill to participate in instruction, the parent must contact the school to notify the homebound teacher of the cancellation.

The student is expected to complete the majority of assignments and tests/quizzes that are expected of all students in the course/class at school to obtain credit. If adjustments are made to this expectation, the §504 or ARD committee must specify what accommodations will be made.

Discontinuation of Homebound Services:

A student may continue to receive homebound services as long as there is a need as determined by the ARD or §504 committee with current recommendations from the physician. In collaboration with the parent and physician, the ARD of §504 committee can dismiss a student from homebound services. The ARD or §504 committee may not extend homebound services beyond the confinement period specified by the physician.


For students in general education, inquiries should be made to the campus §504 coordinator. For students served through special education, inquiries should be made to the campus special education coordinator, LSSP, or case manager.

All other questions can be addressed by
Heather Bortz, Director of Curriculum
Andrea David, Director of Special Education

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