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Jarrell ISD, P.O. Box 9 / 312 N 5th Street, Jarrell, TX  76537   (512) 746-2124  Main.Office@jarrellisd.org.                 Thanks for visiting the Jarrell Independent School District website!                                               It's a GREAT day to be a JARRELL COUGAR!!!                            Have a great school year.                                            There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from  failure. -Colin Powell


I was introduced to Jarrell ISD in the summer of 2013 during an internship opportunity that lasted through September. I was elected the team lead for the interns that assisted in the reconstruction of the JISD network. Throughout the summer and leading into the fall, I became acquainted with the layout of the district and its infrastructure.


I graduated from ITT-Technical Institute with an Associate’s degree in Computer Science in September of 2013 and in January of the following year I was the first hire for JISD’s internship program and was the primary support contact for the High School staff and student population. During my first year I was able to learn and grow as a technician and since then I have become the "expert" in numerous critical systems across the network. After six months of hard work, a new tier 1 position was created and I was able to work full time for the district. I became a crucial component in the team of 4 individuals that rebuilt the network, while maintaining functionality (most of the time).


Today I serve the district in many capacities, from Web Master to Network Administrator.  My familiarity with the network and my tenacity in doing the job and doing it right made me the ideal candidate for the Network Administrator position. I have always taken pride in what I, and this team, have been able to accomplish despite the circumstances and hardships put in front of us. We truly do the best we can with what we’re given. I believe that my effort and the product of that effort is a direct representation of my abilities and commitment to the job.