Board Members

Jarrell ISD Superintendent Dr. Toni Hicks and the board of Trustees

Left to Right: Superintendent Dr. Toni Hicks, Board President Crystal Phalen, Vice President Jenny Arnold, Tamara Dozier, Troy Clawson, Rebecca Kirby, Kenneth Leverett, and Treasurer Bruce Epstein.

Board Beliefs

We, the Board of Trustees of the Jarrell Independent School District, believe that Jarrell ISD is more than a learning community. Jarrell ISD is a family. We believe our community has the most capable students and that our students’ families are worthy of our best leadership effort. We believe teachers respond to a noble call when they take on the role of an educator and we are committed to making sure educators feel supported as they exercise their gift at Jarrell ISD.

We believe every aspect of our community should contribute positively to the safety and education of our students and that the Board must lead in fulfilling this charge.

We, the Board, are fully committed to regularly evaluating our actions and performance and commit to using the outcome of those evaluations to improve continuously. Furthermore, we make these commitments to our community:

  • Represent our community with pride.
  • Seek buy-in from families as often as possible.
  • Work to make families feel wanted and welcome.
  • Recognize the hard work of our students and teachers.
  • Work to build an inclusive culture.
  • Inspire faith in our system.
  • Build collaborative relationships throughout the community.
  • Work professionally and thoughtfully as a focused board of trustees.

To ensure the Board conducts its business in an orderly fashion and fulfills its commitment to oversee the education of our students, the Board adopts these operating procedures in addition to statutes required by law. The Board will amend these procedures as required by statute and in order to fulfill its commitment to the Jarrell Independent School District.


The Team of Eight

The JISD Board of Trustees and Superintendent form the "Team of Eight."
Letters to the "Team of Eight" are sent to the Board of Trustee members and the Superintendent of Schools. Based on the question or comments, the "Team of Eight" letters are then forwarded to the appropriate school authorities if further research or action is needed. All members do receive copies of all" Team of Eight" letters and receive updates on issues or questions when applicable. You can E-mail the members at the [email protected]

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of seven Board members elected to serve, without compensation, for overlapping terms of three years each. Elections are conducted annually in November. Following the annual election, the Board elects a president, vice-president, and secretary to serve for one-year terms.

Crystal Phalen, Place 2 - President

Elected November 2017; November 2020
Term expires November 2023
Occupation: Developer/Facilitator Curriculum & Training
[email protected]

Jenny Arnold, Place 6 – Vice President

Elected November 2017; November 2020
Term expires November 2023
Occupation: Escrow Partner
[email protected]

Bruce Epstein, Place 3 – Secretary

Appointed March 2017; Elected November 2017 and November 2020
Term expires November 2023
Occupation: Retired Educator
[email protected]

Troy Clawson, Place 1

Appointed March 2020 (unexpired term); Elected November 2020
Place 1 Term expires November 2021
Occupation: Business Owner
[email protected]

Place 4 - VACANT 

Tamara Dozier, Place 5

Elected November 2019
Term expires November 2022
Occupation: Insurance agent
[email protected]

Rebecca Kirby, Place 7

Elected November 2019
Term expires November 2022
Occupation: Insurance Agent
[email protected]

Dr. Toni Hicks, Superintendent

[email protected] 

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